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01 | End Stunting Now

Stunting is a silent crisis affecting millions of lives, robbing children of their full potential and a healthy future. At Brigada Group, we are committed to putting an end to this preventable tragedy.

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Stunting, caused by chronic malnutrition, has far-reaching consequences. It impairs physical and cognitive development, limiting a child's ability to thrive and contribute to their community. We believe that every child deserves a fair chance at a bright and healthy future.

Our advocacy initiatives encompass empowering families through nutrition education, while also collaborating closely with local communities and advocating for policy changes that prioritize children's nutrition and well-being, thereby driving positive transformation in their lives.

Nourishing Futures: Combating Stunting for Child Development

Empowering Growth: Our Initiative to End Childhood Stunting

Stunting is the result of insufficient nutrition during early childhood, leading to impaired growth. Our advocacy aims to eliminate stunting by offering vital food supplements and syrups, enabling every child to grow and flourish.

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02 | Brigadahan 1Tahanan

1Tahanan is a non-governmental organization under Brigada Foundation Incorporated which aims to establish programs and activities through community-based operations and associations. 1Tahanan is built based on the principles of volunteerism, altruism and unity.

To become a 1Tahanan member:

  1. Volunteer should be able to attend the orientation conducted by the Program Implementation Coordination Division (PICD)

  2. Volunteer should fully understand agree with the policies of 1Tahanan discussed during the orientation.


Only declared dependents indicated in the PHIC below 21 years old are eligible to be dependents.


If the declared dependents pass away or needs medical benefit, only the member can claim the benefit.

If the official member perishes or needs medical assistance, any of his/her declared household member can claim the benefit.

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The Brigada Advocacy

03 | ANAKK Incorporated

ANAKK Incorporated is a community-based organization in Cebu City established on September 23, 2015, by Visayas Brigada News FM Area Manager Raul Del Prado.

ANAKK Inc., which stands for “Ang Nagkakaisang Kabrigada ng Komunidad Incorporated” aims to gather a community that helps one another in times of need and regular conduct of actionable programming in collaboration with Brigada News FM Cebu.

It is also the inspiration behind 1Tahanan, the nationwide program under Brigada Foundation Incorporated that promotes Brigada Group’s Advocacy such as the End Stunting Now Campaign, Mother and Childcare as well as after-life plans and benefits program. The ANAKK Inc, has more than 30, 000 members in Cebu City.